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Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After Boob Job

It's well known that Wendy Williams has gotten over the top plastic surgery. Before and after pictures reveal her boob job, liposuction and a tummy tuck. Wendy was once quoted saying, "I want my body to match my personality!" Well it certainly does just that. The TV personality has always had an in-your-face style that comes across as all or none. Her breast size is actually listed as a whopping 34F! This photo shows the the striking difference of Wendy Williams before and after breast implants.
Here's a young Wendy Williams before her boob job.

Wendy Williams Boob Job

Wendy Williams Before And After
It's almost insane how large Wendy Williams's breasts are now. She doesn't come across as one to take the subtle approach to plastic surgery.

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wow... Say what you want about Wendy Williams and her plastic surgery choices because it doesn't matter to her. She's going to do what she wants and that's awesome. Love it or leave it?

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery