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Tom Hanks Hair Transplant Plastic Surgery

It's believed that Tom Hanks got a subtle hair transplant to fill in the temporal peaks of his hair. His hairline used to curve back at a sharper angle, but now it's pretty straight across. The hair transplant didn't lower his hairline, rather it just made it straighter. He's always had a big forehead and still does. If he lowered is hairline to that of an adolescent's, it would just look weird. Overall, the plastic surgery came out great because he kept his original character in tact.
Tom Hanks Hair Transplant
The reason his hair transplant looks so great is because how subtle it was. He still has a natural looking recession.

Tom Hanks Hair Transplant

Here's a before and after photo of Tom Hanks from when he was in his mid 20's. That picture was taken around the time the movie "Big" was created. That's when he had his curly locks. It's kind of weird that his hair would just straighten out like that...

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery