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Tom Cruise Before And After Nose Job Plastic Surgery

It's always been a question on whether or not Tom Cruise got a nose job. While before and after pics show how his nose used to look wider, many people argue that it's simply due to lighting. If he got plastic surgery, it removed a small amount of cartilage in the middle and tip of his nose. Bottom line, Tom Cruise has a very unique looking nose.
Here'a another photo that shows him as a teenager.

Tom Cruise Nose Job

This before and after picture shows Tom Cruise as a teenager and in his 40's. Does his nose look different to you?

Tom Cruise Before And After

There's no denying that Tom Cruise underwent an extreme physical transformation. Braces and Veneers can work wonders (and a possible nose job?). Does his nose look bigger in the before picture to you?

Tom Cruise Cosmetic Surgery

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Tom Cruise Before And After