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Ted Danson Toupee, Hairpiece, Wig

Ted Danson, popular for his role on Cheers, is well known for wearing a toupee. As his bald spot has increased, so has his need for a wig or hairpiece. It's not believed that he's had a hair transplant. He has a nice toupee with invisible netting glued to his scalp. Interestingly, Ted Danson has both confirmed and denied wearing a toupee, so it's pretty safe to assume that he wears one.
Ted Danson Toupee
His toupee is very nicely made and looks natural on his head. At a younger age he had a very thick head of hair, so he just doesn't know how to not have that!

Ted Danson Hairpiece

What do you think of Ted Danson's hairpiece?

Ted Danson Wig