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Taylor Swift Teeth Before And After Braces

Taylor Swift had some crooked teeth early in her career. Before and after pictures show how the pop star wore an invisible retainer to straighten her teeth though (she probably had braces at a youner age as well). Her teeth are different lengths and are uneven in the before picture. In addition to wearing a retainer, she most likely got Veneers. Just by looking at her teeth, there's no way that a retainer could make that drastic of a change. All of her teeth are the exact same height and are perfectly positioned now. Bottom line, those aren't the same teeth! They kind of just look fake too, right?
Taylor Swift's two front teeth were at a diagonal angle before. She probably wore the retainer to get her natural teeth nice and straight, then got Veneers for the finishing touches. A mouth full of Veneers can run you upwards of $20,000 - $30,000! That's nothing for her though...

Taylor Swift Braces

Taylor Swift Teeth Before And After