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Taylor Swift Before And After Breast Implants And Plastic Surgery

Taylor Swift swift sparked up some serious plastic surgery debates when she suddenly had a B cup breast size in 2012. Breast implants appear to have increased her bra size from an A to a full B. This before and after photo shows the star in a bathing suit (flat chested) and a striped shirt with a fuller breast size.

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery

Again, Taylor Swift appears to have a lot more cleavage in 2013.

Taylor Swift Cosmetic Surgery

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery

What's your verdict... did Taylor Swift get plastic surgery?

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery

It's arguable that Taylor Swift is just wearing a padded bra which creates 3 possible scenarios: She's wearing a padded bra She got breast implants She's wearing a padded bra and got breast implants Which one do you think is true?

Taylor Swift Breast Implants

Taylor Swift Boob Job