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Tara Reid Before And After Liposuction Disaster

We all know about Tara Reid's liposuction disaster back in the mid 2000's. This before and after photo shows how the plastic surgeon completely botched her stomach. It looks wrinkly and completely unnatural for someone in their 30's (or nearly any age for that matter).
Oh ya, the bad results don't stop at her stomach. Her legs and butt also look loose and wrinkly. It's amazing that a plastic surgeon could do this bad of a job (especially considering she probably paid top dollar). Extra skin after liposuction is basically the number one thing that you should be concerned about (from an aesthetical perspective). But it seems like Tara Reid has at least taken some steps to correct the damage.

Tara Reid Liposuction

Tara Reid Before And After
We can see that Tara Reid has at least fixed her botched liposuction a little bit (it doesn't look quite as bad in 2009).

Tara Reid Before After

Here's a close up shot of her stomach.

Tara Reid Liposuction