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Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant, Toupee & Wig Rumors

Sylvester Stallone most likely got a hair transplant a few years back. It's unknown if the south paw wears a toupee / wig or if he got a hair transplant though. His hair started thinning out about 15 - 20 years, but then it magically became full again. There's no way that his hair is natural now.
Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant
Here we can see Sylvester Stallone during the time of Rocky I. He had a big mop of hair as a younger man, but now gets a well groomed short haircut. With essentially no hairline recession at age 68, it's safe to assume that he's gotten something done. Do you think Sylvester Stallone got a hair transplant or wears a wig?

Sylvester Stallone Before And After