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Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before And After Facelift

Steven Tyler has made some odd plastic surgery choices. Before and after pictures of a young Steven Tyler show that he definitely got a facelift, Botox and wears a wig. With the help of a hairpiece, he's maintained the exact same hairstyle since he was in his 20's. Also, a lifetime of heavy drinking, partying, and drugs will undoubtedly age your face. He had to take a pretty aggressive approach to plastic surgery. The effects from the facelift left his face looking unnatural.
This before and after picture shows a hilarious photo of Steven Tyler in high school with short hair. He doesn't look too into taking that picture.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery
Here's the rebellious 20 something year old Steven Tyler. He's had the long locks since coming into stardom. The wig is necessary for him to keep his mantra alive though. Without it, he probably wouldn't have landed the American Idol gig nor would he be selling out as many shows with Aerosmith as he currently does.

Steven Tyler Before And After

It's obvious that Steven Tyler wears pretty heavy makeup. That compiled with a facelift yields a pretty obvious plastic surgery results.

Steven Tyler Facelift

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery