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Sissy Spacek Nose Job Plastic Surgery Young

Sissy Spacek has been very open about her plastic surgery. Young photos of her reveal that she undoubtedly got a nose job. The tip of her nose was pinched and unnatural looking even as a teenager, so she probably got a nose job around age 16 or 17. It would have been at a very young age especially for the time. Plastic surgery would have been in a relatively primitive state and somewhat of a gamble. This before and after picture show her with a thin looking nose as a teenage and from recently. The plastic surgeon definitely took a bit too much cartilage off the tip of Sissy Spacek's nose.
Again, we can see Sissy Spacek with a fake looking nose. It's safe to assume that she got a nose job at a very young age.

Sissy Spacek Young

Sissy Spacek Nose Job
When it comes to plastic surgery, Sissy Spacek is 100% for it. "I vote for what they can do in magazines where they airbrush you. If somebody could just invent an airbrush that you can use on film footage, it would be a gift from God." 

Sissy Spacek Nose Job