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Simon Cowell Before & After Plastic Surgery & Botox

Simon Cowell is a big believer in plastic surgery, but "not in an obsessive way." He admitted to getting Botox injections for the first time in 2007, and that he regularly gets touch ups. To him, Botox is as normal as brushing your teeth (his words) -- it's just a thing that you do. This before and after photo shows Simon Cowell with and without the effects of plastic surgery.

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery

Simon Cowell Botox

His face used to look red/flushed.

Simon Cowell Botox

Simon Cowell Cosmetic Surgery

Do you think Simon Cowell looks better before or after plastic surgery?

Simon Cowell Facelift

Many people believe that the reality star judge overdid his Botox injections. The after photo shows him with a puffy and unnatrual looking face.

Simon Cowell Before And After

Simon Cowell Botox