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Richard Gere Plastic Surgery For Hair Transplant

It's strongly believed that 65 year old actor Richard Gere has gotten a hair transplant. It's nearly impossible for him to be plastic surgery free seeing as his hairline is exactly the same as when he was in his late 20's. Literally, there's absolutely no change in his hairline... He most likely got hair plugs or a hair transplant sometime in his 40's simply to reinforce the hair he already has. Then he probably got one or two additional ones for touch ups.
Not only is there almost no thinning his Richard Gere's hair, he has the hairline of an adolescent (as well as his adolescent self).

Richard Gere Plastic Surgery

Richard Gere Hair Transplant

Richard Gere Plastic Surgery
If that hair is natural than he deserves a Grammy for that alone!

Richard Gere Plastic Surgery

Richard Gere Young