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Queen Latifah Breast Reduction Before And After Plastic Surgery

Queen Latifah admitted to getting breast reduction back in 2003. She got the plastic surgery due to back and shoulder pain and not because of cosmetic reasons. Before and after pictures show how this star dropped about 2 cup sizes of her chest! She has a little regret about the plastic surgery though. She had this to say about it, "I miss 'em. I definitely miss 'em 'cause it's part of your body so you're used to it all your life." It's certainly understandable if your body has been that way for as long as you've been a woman. Also, she built her image / mantra in show business based her voluptuous look.
Queen Latifah Breast Reduction
The important thing about Queen Latifah's breast reduction is that she feels better! It's definitely not worth having with oversized breasts if you're always in pain. Besides, Queen Latifah looks great before and after the surgery!

Queen Latifah Plastic Surgery