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Nicolas Cage Bald & Hair Transplant Plastic Surgery

Seeing Nicolas Cage nearly bald makes it obvious that he either got a hair transplant or wears a wig. He's always had a phobia to plastic surgery and needles though which makes it more likely that he wears a toupee. His hairline was brought down and the temporal peaks were filled in. The difference is extremely subtle and still left him with a noticeably receding hairline though. However, this look definitely suits his face and looks extremely natural.
If Nicolas Cage didn't have a phobia to needles then I'd say he definitely got a hair transplant. It's pretty much 50 / 50 on which one had. Either way, he did something to reduce the signs of his balding.

Nicolas Cage Bald

Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant
This before and after photo shows Nicolas Cage in 1984 and 2010. He's undoubtedly been in a LOT of bad movies. He was making very sub par movies up until National Treasure. Once you get the right role though, it all good.

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery

Nicolas Cage definitely took the right approach with his hair transplant or toupee. Overall, the result looks extremely natural!

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery