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Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery For Botox And Facelift

Nancy Pelosi is well known for having gotten bad plastic surgery. Her Botox and facelift treatments resulted in a very unnatural and plastic looking face. Her eyes are way too open (from an eye lift) and her facelift gives her the plastic surgery mom look. She's 75 years old though, so take it as you will... Lindsay Graham once made a pretty snide remark about Nancy Pelosi's plastic surgery which she later apologized for. Nancy Pelosi has definitely received a lot of strife for her plastic surgery. 
Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery

Nancy Pelosi Botox

She literally looks exactly the same 30 years apart! She has the exact same amount of wrinkles, lines, and sagging. She was mid 40's in the before picture and is 73 in the after. So I guess she was already middle aged in the 80's. Do you think Nancy Pelosi's plastic surgery looks OK for a 75 year old woman?

Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery