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Mickey Rourke Wig & Hair Transplant Pictures

It's believed that Mickey Rourke wears a wig or has gotten a hair transplant. Either way, his hairstyles look odd and unnatural. This photo shows him sporting an especially weird hair do to the left. If he was wearing a wig, it's odd that he'd choose that hairstyle though. You think he'd pick something that would bring his hairline down a bit. It's not like he'd be bashful about people knowing his hair was fake. Everyone already knows about the over-the-top surgeries he's gotten done to his face.
Mickey Rourke Wig
It's definitely possible that Mickey Rourke got a hair transplant. His hairline is just a little farther back than it used to be and is thinned out a bit near the edges. If it were a toupee then it would probably be thick all the way across. After all, why would he pick a wig that looks thin and receding?

Mickey Rourke Hair Transplant

Mickey Rourke Wig

Bottom line, Mickey Rourke got a hair transplant or wears a wig. Which one do you think?

Mickey Rourke Wig