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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery And Botox Rumors

It's unbelievable that Megan Fox denies that ever got plastic surgery or Botox. One glance at her "new" face instantly reveals that something unnatural is going on. Her face looks puffy, bloated, too shiny, and in a fixed position. Plastic surgeons agree that she almost certainly got Botox, fillers, lip injections, and a brow lift.
This was her feeble attempt at convincing the public that she didn't get any plastic surgery. See how far she's scrunching her face? There's no way that she could have gotten Botox, right?!

Megan Fox Botox

Bottom line, Megan Fox went too far with her plastic surgery. She used to have the girl next door look, but now she has the plastic surgeons most loyal patient look...

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

It looks like Megan Fox can't move her face too much -- limited movement is a side effect of Botox injections.

Megan Fox Botox

Megan Fox Cosmetic Surgery