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Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery And Botox Rumors

Stardom effects everyone differently... Lindsay Lohan was a beautiful young woman before becoming the obsessed Botox / plastic surgery queen she is now. In 2004, after the debut of "Mean Girls", she was the hottest and most desired girl across the country. But after tampering with drugs / partying / plastic surgery, She became the butt of too many jokes.
Left: Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan, RIght: Lindsay Lohan after drugs / plastic surgery. Bottom line, don't mix the two...

Lindsay Lohan Platsic Surgery

Lindsay got Botox along with facial fillers and lip injections.

Lindsay Lohan Botox

See how Lindsay Lohan's cheeks look unnatrually puffy. Also, I don't think the blonde thing is working too well here.

Lindsay Lohan Botox

I can understand the partying and drug use when you're a young celebrity with a lot of money, but the obsessive Botox and plastic surgery is what's odd.

Lindsay Lohan Cosmetic Surgery

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery