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Lindsay Lohan Before And After Breast Implants

Lindsay Lohan's facial transformation certainly wasn't good, but her breast implants were great (at the time). Before and after pictures show her breast size as an A cup as well as a D. That's right, her boob job gave her a 3 cup jump! Botox and drug use was what landed her on the "awful before and after" lists, not her breast implants.
  It looks like she was experimenting with the blonde hair well before her drug use.

Lindsay Lohan Breast Augmentation

Again, Lindsay Lohan has a strickingly different look before and after breast implants. Her implants looked great at the time, but now they're just another addition to her poor surgery choices.

Lindsay Lohan Breast Implants

Lindsay Lohan Boob Job
Here we can see Lindsay Lohan around the time of Mean Girls, and after (when she was still super hot).

Lindsay Lohan Before And After