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Lebron James Hairline Hair Transplant Before And After

For a while it was thought that Lebron James got a hair transplant. Before and after pictures from the summer of 2014 show how his hairline suddenly reemerged! But just a week or so later his hairline was back to how it used to be and he was balding again. There was also an apparent hoax where he allegedly signed an 85 million+ dollar deal with Hair Club For Men to be their new spokesperson. It's unknown if he just used some spray on hair, a toupee / wig, or something else. Either way, there's no way that Lebron James got a hair transplant. Your hairline doesn't become fully restored and then a week later revert back.
Lebron James Hair

Lebron James Hair Transplant

This before and after picture shows the difference in Lebron James' hairline. Either these pictures were a hoax (good Photoshop) or he simply tried a hairpiece / toupee for a while.

Lebron James Hairline

Lebron James should consider getting a hair transplant. Even if these before and after pictures are fake, he looks great with that hairline. He certainly can afford it...

Lebron James Hairline