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Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie Doll

Over the last year, Kylie Jenner has undergone a lot of plastic surgery. She recently posted an Instragram pic where she looks exactly like the human Barbie doll. She's using heavy mascara, deep eyeliner, and what appears to be oversized contacts that are supposedly illegal in the states. She just keeps getting wackier and wackier with her selfies. Seriously though, this girl is only 17 years old... the plastic surgery she's believed to have gotten include lip injections, Botox, fillers, a nose job, a boob job, and chin surgery. Really, how different does she even look from the human Barbie doll? She's certainly on her way to becoming a walking wax statue...
Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery5
Here's a basic before and after photo that shows Kylie Jenner before plastic surgery. The most noticeable difference is in her eyes and lips. How far is too far for this girl?...

Kylie Jenner