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Kim Kardashian Lip Injections Rumors VS Facts

Anything regarding lip injections, thy name is Kardashian. Kim Kardashian has long been suspected of getting lip injections (along with many other surgeries). But how do we distinguish rumors from the facts? Kim certainly isn't going to come clean about it, so we have to use our own judgment based on the photos we have. Her lips looks way to plump to be natural in the after photo. She's most likely consistently gotten lip injections over the last 10 years, but went a little overboard when this picture was taken.
What's your take? Did Kim Kardashian get lip injections?

Kim Kardashian Lip Injections

You can't chalk this up to lip gloss. That's simply not natural.

Kim Kardashian Lip Augmentation

This before photo shows Kim Kardashian without any makeup on.

Kim Kardashian Lip Injections

Her lips look bigger even with minimal lip gloss. This leads one to believe that her lips aren't natural.

Kim Kardashian Lip Injections

Kim Kardashian Lips