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Kevin Costner Hair Transplant Plastic Surgery

Kevin Costner had a successful hair transplant performed back in either 2007 or 2008. The plastic surgery was just before he went too bald. His hair was noticeably thinning back in 2006 which is why he took immediate action. The plastic surgeon kept the same hairline in tact, all they did was transplant donor hairs to the top of his scalp where it was thinning.

Kevin Costner Hair Transplant

This before and after photo shows Kevin Costner back when his had his luscious locks. He used to like wearing his hair long, straight, and parted down the middle.

Kevin Costner Before And After

Kevin Costner Hair Transplant

Kevin Costner Plastic Surgery

He has a thick head of hair now! Bottom line, Kevin Costner's hair transplant surgeon did a great job achieving a natural looking result.

Kevin Costner Toupee