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Kendra Wilkinson Boob Job Plastic Surgery Before And After

Kendra Wilkinson is well known for getting a 34E sized boob job! Before and after pictures reveal to us that her plastic surgery actually increased her breast size by 3 cups! She was merely a 34B before getting breast implants! Now though, Kendra Wilkinson says she wants to get breast reduction surgery i.e. her breast implants removed. She says she doesn't like the attention from men anymore.
Kendra Wilkinson Plastic Surgery
Here's what Kendra Wilkinson had to say about the prospect of getting her breast implants removed, “If guys don’t like my body now that’s actually a good thing, that means I’m shedding the Playboy image,” Kendra shared in the interview, revealing that she no longer aspires to be someone who draws the attention of men. When I see guys saying, ‘Oh, you’re fat,’ I’m like yes! I’m glad I don’t turn you on any more because I don’t want to do that any more!”

Kendra Wilkinson Boob Job

Here's a before and after picture of Kendra Wilkinson's nose job. She got the bridge narrowed a little bit. A nose job and boob job are the only plastic surgery operations that Kendra Wilkinson has gotten, but we'll soon be able to add breast reduction to that list!

Kendra Wilkinson Nose Job