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Kat Dennings Breast Reduction & Boob Job Plastic Surgery

While it hasn't been confirmed, it's believed that Kat Dennings has gotten a boob job. People wonder why she doesn't get breast reduction plastic surgery. Her 34DD breast size must undoubtedly cause sever back and shoulder pain. The star seems very content with how her body looks though. It's uncommon for someone who's 5' 3" to have a 34DD bra size - let alone a celebrity. If she got the breast implants, it would have been sometime in the late 2000's. This before and after picture shows Kat Dennings around age 18 and 26. There's at least a 2 cup difference!
If she got a boob job, I don't know why she felt the need to jump to a DD cup! No woman should ever go above a D cup.

Kat Dennings Boob Job

There's definitely an extremely noticeable difference.

Kat Dennings Breast Implants

So, do you think Kat Dennings has gotten a boob job? Did her boobs really just grow 2 cup sizes after the age of 18?

Kat Dennings Plastic Surgery

Kat Dennings Breast Reduction