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Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery Before & After Nose Job

The only plastic surgery speculation on Justin Bieber has been on whether or not he got a nose job. After examining these before and after photos though, I think it obvious that he didn't. The pop star has always had a bulbous nose (especially the tip) and still does. The only difference in his nose from 2011 to 2015 (those are the dates in this before & after picture) are the fact that his nose larger now. That's because he's fully matured now and was still growing back then. Bottom line though, Justin Bieber's nose has the same character now as it did back then. The tip and bridge are the exact same width and same character is in tact. You have to tip your hat to Justin Bieber for saying no to plastic surgery though. There was a time when fans wanted him to get a nose job. Good job Justin Bieber!
Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery

Justin Bieber Before And After