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Jude Law Hair Transplant And Hairline

Jude Law is in major need of a hair transplant! His hairline has been creeping back for over 10 years now. If he doesn't get a hair transplant in the next 5 years he'll be completely bald before 50! This former heartthrob used to have gorgeous locks and a nice masculine hairline. But he seems stubborn in the fact that he's just going to let nature runs its course. I can certainly respect the fact when a celebrity says no to plastic surgery though. So few do...
Jude Law Hair Transplant
The right photo shows Jude Law in his early 30's and the left shows him around age 40. His hairline will continue to bald around the temporal peaks and will eventually work its way to the top of his scalp.

Jude Law Hair Transplant

Jude Law Hair Transplant

Do you think Jude Law should get a hair transplant? He can certainly afford it!

Jude Law Hairline