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Johnny Depp Hair Transplant, Bald, Plastic Surgery

It's strongly believed that Johnny Depp has gotten a hair transplant. While he's denied any plastic surgery rumors, pictures show him going bald back in his early 20's. His hairline was already receding at the time the before picture was taken. If you fast forward to Johnny Depp 30 years later, he has the exact same hairline. It looks like his hair transplant preserved his existing hairline as opposed to taking it down. I think it's highly unlikely that he wears a wig.
Johnny Depp Bald
This photo of Johnny Depp in the 80's clearly shows that he was already starting to bald back then. It's safe to say that his hairline didn't just decide to freeze right there and stay the same 30 years later.

Johnny Depp Bald

Say what you want, but Johnny Depp's hair transplant came out great. It's a totally natural looking hairline with the right amount of recession. The doctor did a good keeping his existing hairline in tact.

Johnny Depp Bald

The only plastic surgery Johnny Depp may have gotten is Botox (nothing else though). There's no question that he's gotten a hair transplant though.

Johnny Depp Hairline