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John Travolta Wig, Plastic Surgery & Toupee

John Travolta might have the worst wig in all of Hollywood. He's refused plastic surgery or a hair transplant and instead wears an odd looking toupee. This before and after photo shows him completely bald. It's weird how sometimes he's seen in public with a wig on, and sometimes he totally bald. He's probably lost too much hair which means a hair transplant wouldn't be an option though. It would take a LOT of hair follicles to fill in his scalp, and he probably doesn't have that many donor hair on the back of his scalp.
Yikes, what's going on with his hair? Not only is it a different color, but no one has an oddly rounded hairline like that. John Travolta has undoubtedly chosen some weird hairpieces in his time.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery

This close up photo shows the netting from John Travolta's wig. Cameras are amazing!

John Travolta Hairpiece

John Travolta Wig
With the money John Travolta has, you would think he'd get a better wig. Maybe he gave it all to the Church Of Scientology though...

John Travolta Wig

He's definitely tried out a bunch of different hair styles.

John Travolta Hair Transpant

Here's John Travolta with the totally bald head and handlebar mustache! Do you think he looks better with or without hair?

John Travolta Wig