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Joan Collins Plastic Surgery Before And After

Joan Collins is one of those women who've taken plastic surgery to the max. Before and after pictures from 1984 show that this 81 year old woman looks literally exactly the same 30 years later. Here's the funny part though, she claims to have never gotten plastic surgery! She apparently has a fear of needles or going under the knife, so this 81 year old woman looks like this simply from makeup and good genes... Ya, no one believes that. C'mon Joan, who do you think you're fooling? I think she looks absolutely incredible for her age (or for any age) even if she got some help from plastic surgery.
Joan Collins Plastic Surgery
This before and after picture shows Joan Collins as a young woman. She was definitely a stunner back then!

Joan Collins Young

She's definitely gotten a facelift, Botox injections, and fillers in her cheeks. She also wears heavy makeup to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The lighting is very bright here which makes her looks younger too. The previous before and after picture more accurately shows how Joan Collins looks.

Joan Collins Plastic Surgery