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Jessica Chastain Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Nose job rumors have been around ever since Jessica Chastain posted a picture of her high school self. While she denies the plastic surgery allegations, you can't deny there's a difference in the shape of her nose. Not only did her nose used to look wider, it's a little crooked in the bridge now. It looks like her nose job was intended to remove remove cartilage from the mid section of her nose and shave down the bone. Even though the difference is subtle, it's enough to raise nose job questions.
Jessica Chastain's teeth look the same, but her nose is definitely a little smaller. Regardless on whether or not she got plastic surgery, the good thing is that it was subtle. The fact that you can only speculate on whether or not Jessica Chastain got a nose job means that it came out good!

Jessica Chastain Plastic Surgery

Jessica Chastain Nose Job