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Jennifer Love Hewitt Boob Job Plastic Surgery Before After

Jennifer Love Hewitt claims to be plastic surgery free, but we think she may have gotten a boob job. If she got breast implants it would have increased her bra size by at least a cup. First of all, she's 5' 2" and has a 34D breast size - that's big. This before and after picture shows Jennifer Love Hewitt around age 18 or 19 and in her late 20's. Her boobs are at least a cup size bigger in her late 20's. I don't think breasts naturally grow over a cup size in your 20's while maintaining nearly the same weight.
Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like a small C cup in the before picture and is listed as a 34D in the after.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Boob Job

Jennifer Love Hewitt Boob Job
Again we can see a definite difference in her breast size. While Jennifer Love Hewitt probably hasn't had a nose job (she's plastic surgery free in that regard), she's most likely gotten breast implants. Do you think she's fake or all natural?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Breast Implants

That's right, show those things off!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Before And After