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Jason Gardiner Hair Transplant Before And After

Jason Gardiner got a hair transplant in 2010 from Dr Craig Ziering of Ziering Medical Group. Jason was thrilled to show off his before and after pictures from when he used to be bald. He paid a whopping $35,000 for the procedure because he got the platinum service. This is where the whole surgery unit was closed down for him, so no one else had surgery that day. Here's what Jason Gardiner had to say about his hair transplant, "Because I am a public personality, if my story can help other people that are going through what I went through, then that’s great." A natural looking result was achieved by keeping his existing hairline in tact. The top of his scalp was merely filled in. He said at the time that he plans to get a second hair transplant to get back all the hair he'd lost.
Jason Gardiner Hair Transplant
Here’s the official video of Jason Gardiner’s hair transplant.