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Irina Shayk Plastic Surgery Before And After Lips

There's been a lot of speculation on what types of plastic surgery Irina Shayk has gotten. Before and after pictures lend credence to her getting lip injections and Botox. Her lips are pretty thin in the before picture, but she has trout pouts now. Also, her cheeks look way to puffy which would lead me to believe that she's gotten fillers along with Botox injections. I think she looked so much better before getting plastic surgery. She was a natural beauty (and still is), but has distorted her looks with too many "enhancements."
Irina Shayk Plastic Surgery
Dr. Paul Nassif agrees that Irina Shayk has had plastic surgery having this to say, "Irina Shayk has had Botox, facial fillers, and a lip augmentation.  Overall, her look is natural and she would not benefit from any additional work at this time." There you have it, I think that pretty much settles it...

Irina Shayk Before And After