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Heidi Montag Nose Job Photos

Perhaps the most unnecessary thing that Heidi Montag got was a nose job. While her nose used to be a little wide (barely), it fit her face perfectly. Now  she has a collapsed tip and it's way to too thin. Overall, her nose doesn't fit the shape and contour of her face. 
You can see how her nose used to be a tiny bit wide (if you're overly obsessing about noses). Regardless, she looked very attractive with it. A perfectly symmetrical nose can look very bad on the wrong face type. A lot of times a nose with character will look way better.

Heidi Montag Nose Job

Heidi Montag Nose
Bottom line, Heidi Montag has an odd looking nose now.

Heidi Montag Nose Job

I'm sure that she used to obsess about the fact that her nose was just a little wide. What should Heidi Montag done differently with her nose job (assuming she was definitely going to get one)?

Heidi Montag Rhinoplasty