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Heidi Klum Before And After Boob Job

German supermodel Heidi Klum hilariously denies ever getting a boob job. Despite the fact that before and after pictures show how her breast size went from an A to a C, she says she's never gotten breast implants. The before picture shows Heidi Klum around age 20 as a runway model. That was before she'd gotten her boobs or nose done. See how her nose looks thinner in the after picture?
You can see a clear and definitive difference in Heidi Klum's bra size.

Heidi Klum Breast Implants

In addition to getting breast implants, it's likely that Heidi Klum has gotten Botox. Like every other alleged surgery though, she denies it. Do you think Heidi Klum got a boob job and / or Botox injections?

Heidi Klum Botox

Heidi Klum Boob Job