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Has Kendall Jenner Gotten Lip Injections? Experts Weigh In

Has Kendall Jenner gotten lip injections? It's believed that she got her lips plumped up sometime in mid 2014 around the same time her younger sister Kylie. Kendall, Khloe, and Kylie all say that it's just use lip liner and deny the surgery rumors. But do you seriously believe that none of those girls have gotten lip injections? There's nothing wrong with getting your lips done, but who does she think she's fooling? Just look at this before and after picture of Kendall Jenner's lips.
Kendall Jenner Before And After
Normally, unless your name is Angelina Jolie, the lower lip is 50% larger than the upper lip. When this ratio is reversed, the lips look puffy and unnatural. Hopefully much of the puffiness we see is due to swelling and will improve within the next couple days."

Kendall Jenner Lip Injections

Licensed aesthetician Alicia Hunter agreed this Kendall Jenner has gotten lip inections, "That definitely looks like filler, most likely Juvederm. Her lips look unnaturally puffy. Unless she just got it done, and there's swelling, she got too much put in for her age, in my opinion."

Kendall Jenner Lips

There you have it. Both plastic surgeons (along with several others) believe that Kendall Jenner got lip injections. Do you think she got them?

Kendall Jenner Lips