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Elton John Bald Before Hair Transplant

Elton John was one of the pioneers for hair transplant surgery. He was literally going bald back in the late 70's and decided to take a chance on getting his hairline back. Back in the late 70's and early 80's hair transplant surgery was nothing like it is today. Surgeons used techniques like hair plugs which were much more noticeable and could even fall out. Basically, they couldn't fit as many hair follicles in one spot which resulted in a less natural look. It's probable that Sir Elton John has gotten at least one more hair transplant since his first one.
Elton John Hair Transplant
Here's what Elton John had to say about getting a hair transplant back in the 70's, "It's not like the old days where you got all of these sprouts sticking up. If the procedure has been carried out by a decent surgeon, I would probably not be able to tell without a close examination."

Elton John Bald

This before and after photo shows Elton John through the years. He was smart in keeping a "mature" hairline back in the day. It's a good thing that he didn't get it straight across, otherwise it would look completely unnatural.

Elton John Wig