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Did Kylie Jenner Get A Nose Job? Experts Weigh In

Did Kylie Jenner get a nose job? It's believed that the TV personality has indeed gotten a subtle nose job. If she got anything, it would have been a non-surgical nose job or a very slight regular nose job. The only noticeable difference in her nose comes in the shape of the tip. It looks a little more petite now. Dr. Michael Salzhauer, MD believes she's had a nose job having this to say, "Kylie Jenner has had a subtle tip change to her nose."
Kylie Jenner Nose Job
Despite what every thinks about Kylie Jenner's drastic physical transformation, she loves the way she looks now. An inside source had this to say to Hollywood Life, "Kylie never saw surgery as being taboo, because her sister have all done it. She sees it as a means to an end. Going through her awkward phase on TV, she was severely bullied and subjected to harsh public scrutiny. All she ever heard was people talking about how much prettier Ki, Kendall and even Kris were. She loves the way she looks now and she wants to show it off at every opportunity." Do you think Kylie Jenner is too young to be getting a nose job along with all the other plastic surgeries? Or, do you think it's her choice and it's no big deal? Growing up in that household it's  certainly understandable that she would be so consumed with her self-image.  

Kylie Jenner nose job