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Did Kylie Jenner Get A Boob Job? Experts Weigh In

Did Kylie Jenner get a boob job? While she's denied all allegations regarding breast implants, some plastic surgeons believe she may have indeed gotten her breast size boosted. The 17 year old has a full 36D bra size and just plain has the look of someone who has gotten breast augmenation. 
Kylie Jenner Boob Job
Dr. Handel had this to say, "Kylie Jenner appears to have undergone a transformation. In recent photos, Kylie’s breasts are distinctly larger than they used to be. Her breasts do not look 'natural,' but rather have the appearance of someone who has undergone breast augmentation." He continued, "In recent photos Kylie’s breasts are distinctly larger than they used to be! A photo of her wearing a black bandeau reveals an 'unnatural' appearance typically associated with breast enlargement surgery. Kylie has exaggerated upper pole fullness [or a round appearance], and she has much better defined cleavage than before. Breast enlargement surgery is usually done with implants — silicone rubber bags that can be filled either with saline (salt water) or silicone gel. The FDA has approved silicone gel implants for women 22 years of age and older. Therefore, Kylie, who is only 17, would be a candidate for saline implants."

Kylie Jenner Boob Job

In addition to getting a boob job, it's believed that Kylie Jenner has gotten an eyebrow lift, upper eyelid surgery, a chin implant, jaw reshaping and a nose job. That's a lot of plastic surgery before the age of 18! But if any family would allow their daughter to do that, it would have to be the Kardshians. Do you think Kylie Jenner got breast implants?

Kylie Jenner Breast Implants