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Did Halle Berry Get A Boob Job?

Did Halle Berry get a boob job? I can answer it for you in one short word, yes. Her breast size is a 36C in the before picture and a 34DD in the after. She certainly didn't take a modest approach to breast implants.
Halle Berry Boob Job
Again, Halle Berry's breast site is much smaller in the before picture (especially compared to the previous after picture). But her breast size isn't quite as big here compared to the previous after picture. That leads me to believe that she's had multiple breast implants. She probably had an initial one to jump to the 34DD, then got a revisionary boob job to go down a cup size. After all, it would be extremely difficult and uncomfortable to walk around with all that weight on your chest. Halle Berry literally entered the class where woman will get breast reduction (having never had breast implants) because of discomfort.

Halle Berry Boob Job