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Cristiano Ronaldo Before And After Teeth Plastic Surgery

It's amazing how much good teeth can change your face. Futball star Cristiano Ronaldo knows that from experience. Before and after pictures of his braces show how he used to literally have awful teeth. By only getting his teeth fixed (without any plastic surgery) he became a stone cold ladies man. He literally didn't change any about his face and just look at the difference.
This before and after picture shows Cristiano Ronaldo in 2002 and 2013. I guess he had to wait for braces until he could afford them. Now he certainly can...

Cristiano Ronaldo Plastic Surgery

Cristiano Ronaldo Braces

Cristiano Ronaldo's teeth used to be gapped all over the place. Now he loves showing off those pearly whites!

Cristiano Ronaldo Before And After

Cristiano Ronaldo Before And After
Striking difference...

Cristiano Ronaldo Smile

Cristiano Ronaldo Teeth