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Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox Facelift

Before and after photos reveal that Courtney Cox has gotten extensive plastic surgery. A facelift and Botox injections are the two things that this former Friends star has gotten. It's also possible that she's also gotten fillers in her cheeks. Just look at how much more natural her face looks in the before picture. She has that creepy Botox-mom / plastic looking face going on now. It's sad when female celebrities mess around with Botox too much and ruin their face. Don't they see the horrible before and after pictures out there?! This is all too common of an occurrence.

Courtney Cox Facelift

Her face looking seriously gaunt in the left picture. What's going on there?!

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

From this before and after picture it definitely looks like Courtney Cox got facial fillers. Her cheeks look way to puffy to be natural. Also she has the shiny-face going on which is common sign of Botox.

Courtney Cox Botox

Courtney Cox Before And After

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

This before and after picture shows Courtney Cox in high school before Friends or any plastic surgery.

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

Her fellow Friends star Jennifer Aniston is openly against plastic surgery (despite messing around with Botox for a year). It was rumored that Courtney Cox was hurt and felt judged by some of Jennifer's anti-plastic surgery comments. What are your thoughts on Courtney Cox's facelift and Botox transformation.

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery