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Carmen Electra Plastic Surgery Before And After Boob Job

We all know that Carmen Electra is no stranger to plastic surgery. This before and after picture of the former Bay Watch girl's boob job shows that her breast size was boosted by a good cup. She almost certainly had already gotten breast implants before the left picture was taken too. It's believed that she got plastic surgery around 18 before gaining stardom. Unfortunately, it's hard to find those photos of her though.
Carmen Electra Plastic Surgery
Carmen Electra's breast size is undoubtedly bigger in the after picture. She's never been afraid to show off her assets (that's what she built her whole career on). It's a mystery as to was her breast size was before her first stint with plastic surgery, so you'll just have to guess. But she, just like her Bay Watch gal Pam, has gotten multiple boob jobs.

Carmen Electra Plastic Surgery