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Bruce Jenner Hair Transplant And Hairpiece/Hairline

It's believed that Bruce Jenner got a hair transplant or wears a hairpiece. If he got a hair transplant, it would have gotten 2 or more of them over a period of time. If you commit to transplants at a young age then you have to keep up with the regiment throughout your life. This photo shows how oddly straight his hairline is. It's literally that of a 12 year olds hairline. Also, it looks like he's using some filler in the front of his hair to make it look fuller/thicker.
Pretty sure that's not his natural hairline...

Bruce Jenner Hairpiece

It almost looks as though he's wearing a hairnet with would indicate he has a toupee on. Do you think Bruce Jenner got a hair transplant or wears a wig?

Bruce Jenner Wig

Bruce Jenner Hair Transplant