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Brad Pitt Hair Transplant, Hairline & Plastic Surgery

While people would like to believe Brad Pitt has gotten a hair transplant, it's remains unlikely. His father had a great hairline which Brad most likely inherited. People wonder how could he be so attractive without ever getting plastic surgery. Well he just is. Not only is he a handsome guy, he's also a very good actor. He doesn't get enough credit as an actor simply due to his looks (it goes that way sometimes). This before and after photo shows Brad Pitt as a teenager and at age 51. His hairline is literally exactly the same!
Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery
Here's Brad Pitt in his late 20's with pretty hilarious long hair.

Brad Pitt Hair

If he got a hair transplant, it would have been to minimize the appearance of any balding. He would have gotten it multiple times to fill in any recession. It's very rare for someone to maintain the same hairline from age 18 to 51. Do you think Brad Pitt got a hair transplant?

Brad Pitt Hair Transplant