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Bob Costas Toupee, Wig, Hairpiece Rumors

Bob Costas just doesn't seem to age. It's believed that he wears a toupee to help with that though. If he indeed wears a wig, it would be intended to keep nearly the same hairline he had as a younger (with just a little more recession). You can see how his hairline is farther up in the temporal peaks and the mid line. He has a good mature hairline that looks totally natural for his face. After all, Bob Costas just can't go bald, right? It just wouldn't look right...
Bob Costas toupee
While it's possible that Bob Costas has gotten a hair transplant, it's unlikely. He seems to always have the exact same haircut / length and it just plain looks like he has a hairpiece on. Bottom line though, his hair isn't naturally that full. His hairline looks almost exactly the same 22 years apart.

Bob Costas Hairpiece

Bob Costas Toupee