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Beyonce Nose Job And Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nose job rumors regarding Beyonce swept the world when the 2013 Super Bows rolled around. The alleged plastic surgery would have narrowed the tip and bridge of her nose by a bit. But this isn't the first plastic surgery that this pop star has gotten. It's believed that she's actually gotten 2 nose jobs along with breast implants.
There's no question that Beyonce's gotten at least one nose job if not two.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery

It's startling how disproportional her nose looks to the rest of her face. Lighting and makeup can truly work wonders...

Beyonce Nose Job

Here we can see Beyonce before and after her first nose job. Her nose looks thinner and more refined in the after picture.

Beyonce Cosmetic Surgery

Yikes, that's just bad lighting...

Beyonce Nose Job

Beyonce Rhinoplasty

Beyonce Nose Job