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Ben Affleck Bald Toupee Before And After Wig

Ben Affleck was going bald back in his early to mid 20's. Before and after pictures show that he now wears a pretty noticeable toupee most of the time (displayed in next photo). It's believed that he hasn't got a hair transplant though.
If we look closely at Ben Affleck's hairline, we can see how the wig is positioned on his head. The toupee is stitched to an nearly invisible netting material which is then temporarily glued to his scalp. You can even see how some smaller hairs stick out of the base of the toupee to achieve a more natural looking result. The hairpiece is way too straight of a hairline to look natural though. He was probably pretty stubborn in the fact that he wanted an absolutely perfect hairline.

Ben Affleck Hairpiece

Ben Affleck Bald
Here's on of Ben Affleck's wigs from back in the day.

Ben Affleck Toupee

This ones rather goofy looking! You literally never see Ben Affleck with bangs...

Ben Affleck Wig