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Bad Plastic Surgery - 11 Worst Disasters Of All Time!

Bad plastic surgery is just an awful thing! We've compiled the 11 worst plastic surgery disasters of all time. These before and after photos will shock and awe making you see what you didn't think was possible. There's botched lip injections, horrible facelifts, and creepy results that will make you ask why! Let's begin with a lady who got just about the worlds worst lip injections. Honestly, who was her plastic surgeon and what were they thinking? Unbelievable...
Bad Plastic Surgery
Jocelyn Wildenstein has undoubtedly gotten some of the worst plastic surgery of all time. It's rumored that she's spent over $4,000,000 on over 100 plastic surgeries. She was the one to actually say that, but who knows if it's really true.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery

Ahh yes, Pete Burns. From 80's rocker to woman... That's just a creepy look.

Plastic Surgery Disaster

Not sure who this is, but that's some creepy plastic surgery.

Bad Plastic Surgery

Sun screen might not be a bad idea...

Bad Plastic Surgery

Those are some creepy eyes...

Bad Plastic Surgery

Pout those lips girl!

Bad Plastic Surgery

We all know about Carrot Top's plastic surgery / steroid use. It's just weird how he wears so much makeup now.  

Bad Plastic Surgery

Yikes! It's fitting that she's at Comic Con I guess...

Bad Plastic Surgery

Jackie Stallone, mother of Sylvester Stallone is well known for getting awful plastic surgery.

Jackie Stallone Plastic Surgery

And of course this... Of the 10 photos which one do you think is the worst plastic surgery of all time?

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery